The Dances of Indonesia Saman Dance

The Dances of Indonesia: Saman Dance

‘Thousand Hands’ – this is one of the most popular dances in Aceh.  Itsformal name is ‘Saman’ but it’s well-known abroad as Thousand Hands.  This dance is performed in celebration of the More »

Luxury Bali Holidays

Bali has so much to offer when it comes to luxury holidays and sightseeing. It is an island of unrivalled beauty and it has something to offer everyone. If you are looking More »

What Are Empty Legs and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

Everybody dreams of getting aboard private planes to get to their destination at the fastest possible time. The benefits of going for private jet charter flights are comprehensive, making them a compelling More »

Beach Life Around the World

Beach Life Around the World – The Most Memorable Vacation Experience

Most of the people around the world are interested to spend their holiday vacations at some finest beach resorts only. Almost everybody would like to spending holidays some of the world’s best More »

Valley of Kings Egypt

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Top 10 Places to Visit Before They Disappear Nature has gifted several amazing gifts to mankind, but due to Global warming and Pollution, many places on the earth are getting extinct. This More »

Bali is a island paradise

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Climbing the Great Wall of China

Climbing the Great Wall of China

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Mount Everest

Top 5 Dangerous Places in the World You Should Visit

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Luxury Bali Holidays

Bali has so much to offer when it comes to luxury holidays and sightseeing. It is an island of unrivalled beauty and it has something to offer everyone. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, you could take advantage of the glorious long beaches and stunning blue seas or for those that are looking for a little excitement, you can enjoy activities like white water rafting or exploring the temples, taking in the history and culture of Bali. From the paddy fields to the sea, Bali is a haven of natural beauty.

As Bali is classed as a tropical destination, its weather is mild and pleasant throughout the year but the seasons are split between wet and dry. The wet season is experienced between November and April and can be hotter with a high humidity with bouts of heavy rainfall. The dry season falls between May and October and is the best time to visit the island. Constant sun and warm seas offers great opportunities for outdoor activities or just sipping cocktails on the beach.

For those who are in need of a luxury holiday, there are a number of resorts available and one is the Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali. This resort offers total relaxation and is a truly unique experience, the resort is hidden away on the North East side of the island and is away from those areas that have high tourist numbers. It offers peaceful escapism, leaving people to enjoy its serenity and offering a true ‘back to nature’ experience.

The Mulia Villas in Nusa Dua once again takes advantage of the stunning coastline and offers beautiful suites with pools looking over the ocean and lounges that offer pure relaxation. With comfort and style this resort is hard to beat and with amazing restaurants and food, it offers Bali delicacies and Mediterranean food that can be enjoyed by everyone.

One of the best, if not the best resort in Bali is the Samaya Seminak in Ubud. This resort has so much to offer and just as many other resorts in Bali it offers privacy and time to chill, away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life. The rooms are elegant and with each room having its own private pool there is no need to leave the room! With open air dining and its romantic setting it is perfect for couples.

Bali luxury holidays have lots to offer for those wanting to take in the culture or for those looking for a bit of excitement, it has it all. If being energetic is something you enjoy then why not hire a bicycle and take in the town of Ubud, along with the rice paddies and the surrounding villages. Start with the Monkey Forest and the crab eating macaques before heading to the Goa Gajah a unique and holy place then finish off with watching the Heron Migration.

For those who like the sea there is snorkelling around Menjangan island. A peaceful place, where a boatman will take you out to experience the colourful reefs and amazing fish, it really will leave you breathless. If food is an enjoyment then why not try Babi Guling at Ibu Oka in Ubud. This is classed as Bali’s main course and it consists of suckling pig. Order a main plate and grab a seat amongst the hoards of people, be sure to arrive with plenty of time because once the food has gone, the place closes. That’s how good it is!

The Dances of Indonesia: Saman Dance

The Dances of Indonesia Saman Dance

‘Thousand Hands’ – this is one of the most popular dances in Aceh.  Itsformal name is ‘Saman’ but it’s well-known abroad as Thousand Hands.  This dance is performed in celebration of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday and other ceremonial occasions, with its origin coming from the Alas ethnic group from the Gayo Plateau in central Aceh.

Saman is a dance requiring excellent coordination skills:  it’s a very energetic and dynamic dance, with the participants using powerful and intense movements to form the rhythm of the dance.With one person reading the narrative in an Acehnese tone, at the same time you’ll hear the sounds of chest slapping, clapping or hand hitting on the floor.  Saman is a dynamic dance, requiring perfect coordination.  It’s powerful, but carefully coordinated; otherwise no one would hear anything, the rhythm would be ruined, and someone could be hurt.  These powerful and coordinated movements are the charm of the Saman Dance.  There are quite a few varying regional versions of this dance.

To perform the Saman Dance, between eight and twenty male performers rest on the floor in a kneeling position, making varying torso movements.  They are accompanied by songs, slapping chests, clapping hands, and slapping of hands on the floor.  Normally the songs are prayers, praises to Allah, or part of Islamic teachings.  The dance begins with a slow tempo, gradually increasing to a great speed, and suddenly coming to an abrupt stop.

Today, Saman is performed to promote the culture of Acehnese in national ceremonies, in open cultural festivals, Islamic holidays, and even abroad in the promotion of Indonesia: in addition of course in celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

In 2008 the Saman Dance was performed by not only students from Indonesia, but performers from other countries as well at the One World 2008 in Canada.

Now we’ll see Saman performed by women also, although if it is performed by women in Aceh, it’s called Meusekat.  Meusekat does not originate from Gayo, but from South and West Aceh.  Outside of Aceh both these dances are known as Saman, possibly because both these dances require the excellent skills and coordination of movements by its performers.

Although Saman has now altered from its original form, it still continues as anart-form, originating from the Special District of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, which is the official name of Aceh Province.  Saman is known worldwide as a cultural, attractive, Indonesian speed dance.

Saman is popular, but it’s not that easy to find an event or extravaganza that includes the dance. If you happen to be traveling in Bali, Indonesia, there is one place in Nusa Dua area, where you can see how beautiful Saman Dance is. Not only that, the show that named Devdan, as one of the most famous Bali attractions, also offers many other traditional Indonesian dances.

What Are Empty Legs and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

Everybody dreams of getting aboard private planes to get to their destination at the fastest possible time. The benefits of going for private jet charter flights are comprehensive, making them a compelling choice for anyone who can afford them. The problem is that mainly due to operating costs, getting charter planes can be extremely expensive. For those who want to enjoy the benefits of a charter flight without having to break the bank to do it, a jet charter empty leg flight would be a compelling choice. What are these flights and how can you use them to your advantage?

             Strictly speaking, the term “empty legs” is used in all types of transport. It basically denotes any public transport vehicle that must operate without any passengers. Noting this, any form of empty leg transport is considered as dead weight for the company in terms of costs. Because of this, some transportation companies are thinking of creative ways to utilize their empty legs into something that’s at least useful. For airline companies, that translates to the creation of empty leg flights.

             By taking advantage of empty leg flights, you can enjoy the benefits of riding in private jet charter flights at the fraction of the cost. In fact, it is estimated that the price of getting empty leg flights is lesser by 50 to 70 percent compared to traditional charter flights. You might ask why the prices for such services are that low. The main reason is that airline companies would much rather have their planes occupied rather than keep them empty. The discounted price is more or less a favor provided by the company as the fare paid by the client can be used as extra profit and for plane maintenance.

             If having empty legs is financially unfeasible for airline companies, then why do empty leg flights exist to begin with? There are many sides to this story. The main source of empty legs for the airline industry comes from one-way charter flights. Of course, the plane has to return to its mother airport. In the process of returning, the plane would not have any passenger, resulting to an empty legs flight. To save on costs, airline companies offer up these planes for rent to its intended destination. Not only does it end up as a coup for the charter flight service, but the passengers also get an affordable flight. Everyone wins in such a setup.

             Because it makes so much sense in a financial standpoint, it makes a lot of sense to use empty leg flights to your advantage. A quick search over the internet would yield a number of results that match the specifications of your travel itinerary. Given the high demand for empty leg flights, it makes a lot of sense to book your flight immediately. What’s more, since most empty leg flights are one-way trips, you’ll also need to find another flight for your return trip. With proper planning, you can enjoy the benefits of private jet charter flights at a discount with the help of empty legs.

Family Travels During the Depression, Flat Tires, Smashed Fingers and All

My father’s reduced salary during the Depression did not deter my parents from traveling in our black Chevrolet coach. Most of the trips were required. Grandmother Stuart spent half of the year with us, the other half with Mother’s sister. Twice a year, I viewed the countryside between Pittsburgh and Ritchie County, West Virginia while sitting amid Grandmother’s prized possessions stacked between us in the back seat from which neither of us could escape until one of my parents exited the car and tilted his or her seat forward.

Although West Virginia was our primary destination each time we motored out of Pittsburgh, we made several other journeys while I was growing up in order to satisfy Mother’s romance with history and her yen to see new vistas.

Lack of money was our major restriction. Our car was willing to travel, but my parents could not afford overnight accommodations other than tourist houses run by widows or elderly couples. Cleanliness being the major criterion of her selections, Mother developed a regular ritual of inspection that enabled her to spot the perfect tourist home. Lysol-clean bathrooms and unstained mattresses were high on her list of requirements. Her sensitive nose was alert to mold, mildew, and other worrisome conditions; at the same time, she sought out sun-dried sheets and jars of herbs or potpourris for the pleasant scents she considered vital to gentility.

One trip took us to Cleveland where Mother and Father had spent their honeymoon. We were drawn there by an Exposition designed to generate tourism and business to the city during the depths of the Depression. I was most impressed by delicious orange sherbet sold at stands throughout the fair, a troupe of midgets dressed in western regalia singing “I’m An Old Cowhand,” and a tricky display of mirrors that separated a woman’s head from her body.

Just as the Dionne Quintuplets fascinated the rest of the world, so did they amaze my parents. Both former teachers interested in all aspects of child study, they followed the Quints’ progress from the day Dr. Defoe broke the news of their birth to the world. When the children’s caretakers created a unique playroom where their charges could romp merrily, oblivious to the fact that they were being monitored through a one-way window, my parents began planning a journey to the distant country of Canada. Perhaps they pursued their daring trip in the hope of discovering new ideas for developing me into a model child.

We set forth from Pittsburgh in August, but the weather turned cold on the second evening as we drove past the Nabisco Shredded Wheat factory in Niagara Falls. Several days later, we reached the small village of Callender, Ontario, not far from North Bay, in a heavy snowstorm.

That trip, venturesome for the era, provided my parents with experiences they relived again and again through the photographs my father took with his Kodak brownie camera. We and other tourists were divided into small groups and guided into a hallway from which we could gaze into a playroom where the Quints played. They were undisturbed by the crowds herded through the structure because they could not see anyone through the magical window. When we emerged from the hallway into a gift shop, we were propelled toward Papa Dionne who sat at a table autographing pictures of his daughters. His older children collected the coins everyone was charged, presumably contributions to the family expenses. I remember that Father begrudgingly handed one a quarter, but when we were out of hearing range, he muttered to Mother that people without the funds to support children should not have them. This was the philosophy held by the concerned public during the Depression when the typical family had one-and-a-half children. Most of my friends were only children like me.

On the way back to Pittsburgh, we stopped near Erie, Pennsylvania to see the lake where Commodore Perry’s flagship “Niagara” defeated the British during the War of 1812 by flying the “Don’t Give Up the Ship” flag made by my mother’s ancestor, Margaret Forster Stuart. The charred remains of the “Niagara” protruded from the lake bed, a sorry sight, but one Mother exclaimed over in awe for its historical value and obscure family connection.

After a walk around Presque Isle, we returned to the car. I had already crawled into the back seat and Mother was arranging herself in front. Believing that she was settled, Father exhibited his gentlemanly manners by closing the door for her. Instantly, Mother’s screams shattered the afternoon calm. Father had slammed the door on her hand quite by accident. Despite the fact that it took several months for her to regain the use of the fingers on her right hand, Mother regarded that trip as one of the nicest she ever took.

Her favorite journey, by all accounts, was the visit to Williamsburg, Virginia shortly after it was restored and opened to the public. On the way, we stopped at Monticello and Mount Vernon and took a winding, unpaved road part of the way into West Virginia just so my parents could show me “The Saddle,” the dip in the Blue Ridge mountains thought to be the site of the cabin where Nancy Hanks, mother of Abraham Lincoln, was born.

The road from Winchester (where we saw the famous tree growing out of the house and the cannon ball embedded in the side of a house) to “The Saddle” was nothing if not poor. Paved with rugged rocks, it invited flat tires at every bend. I remember four within that single stretch of road. As he always did for such emergencies, Father donned the mechanic’s overalls that he carried in a kit before meticulously re-patching both inner tubes and tires.

While father toiled, Mother and I stood by the roadside studying the wildflowers and searching for small creatures scurrying through the tall grass. Progress was slow on the tires, giving us ample opportunity to examine the flora and fauna of the countryside and allowing me to learn about America’s history and that of our family, in particular.

Through my parents’ conversations, I became acquainted with the Pritchards in their progression from Thomas, the carpenter, who arrived at Jamestown in 1620 to help construct a fort for the Virginia Company, to his descendants as they advanced across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each generation moved westward by twenty or thirty miles, heading from Virginia’s Westmoreland, Prince William, Fairfax, and Loudoun Counties into Maryland’s Allegany and Garrett Counties, and finally into the westernmost reaches of Virginia (destined to become West Virginia) through Monongalia, Harrison, Lewis, and Ritchie Counties. Along their way, they developed into the strong West Virginia clan devoted to one another and to their home state.

On Mother’s side, the Bells and Stuarts, Scots transplanted to Northern Ireland, came to America early in the 1700s to escape British oppression. Like the Pritchards, they moved readily into the wilderness, establishing their own El Dorados in western Pennsylvania. For my parents, their automobile trips were opportunities to retrace the trails their adventuresome ancestors had blazed. I often detected that Father was less enthusiastic than mother in following those treacherous roads. He, after all, was the one responsible for repairing tires in less than desirable conditions.

No matter where my parents traveled, West Virginia cuisine was to them the hallmark of excellence. Whether they were in Clarksburg, Parkersburg, Wheeling, or in another state, they regarded the YMCA Cafeterias as outstanding adventures in fine dining, as indeed they were for many years, with prices that were unsurpassed for the value. Where else could one obtain a tasty chicken and dumpling dinner for fifteen cents?

My parents never forgot the delicious meals served them in West Virginia YMCAs. When many years later Father dined at New York City’s legendary Algonquin Hotel dining room, he compared the YMCA fare of his memories with the solitary piece of haddock and single boiled potato carefully dished onto his plate by a solicitous waiter. Neither the dry fish nor the elevated price of the skimpy meal met his approval. For the first – and only – time in his life, Father “made a scene.”

As he shoved his money at the waiter, he drew himself up and said, “We’ve eaten in some of the finest restaurants in the east, including Bailey’s Cafeteria in Huntington, West Virginia, and this, without a doubt, is the worst meal I’ve ever had!”

The waiter tried to refrain from expressing his amusement as he gravely replied, “I’m very sorry that the Algonquin does not live up to your expectations. Perhaps our chef can visit Bailey’s…uh…Cafeteria one day to try to improve our menus.”

“That would be a good idea,” Father said. “He could learn a lot.”

As we scurried out of the dining room famous for years as “a gathering place for smart and interesting people,” Mother giggled appreciatively and agreed with Father that a famous chef’s reputation is no guarantee that his food will meet your expectations.

The Maldives, Perhaps the Best Island in the Indian Ocean

The Maldives. The lowest nation on earth. So you know it’s going to be easy to get to the beach. And oh boy is it easy to get to the beach. In fact it’s probably harder to get away from it. In a lot of accommodation, if you jump out the window you’re in the sea. An idea I want to try. Lets take a closer look at one of the best island chains on earth.

So many islands, 1,190 coral islands which are part of 26 coral atolls. Most islands aren’t inhabited, only 200 islands are in fact inhabited. With an additional 80 islands containing resorts. Located south west of India, right near the equator. Tropical weather is pretty much guaranteed. Warm and sunny throughout the year. Temperatures hover around the 30C mark. Of course it being the tropics, you get the tropical rainy season. Rainfall starts to increase from April and starts to decrease in October. The monsoon is in full swing from June to August.

Even if the weather is cloudy the waters still look stunning. Which really is quite an achievement. Just think about when you have been to the same beach on a sunny day and then again on a cloudy rainy day. The sea does not look as pretty. The scenery around here really is that stunning.

Tourism is big business in the Maldives accounting for at least 20% of it’s GDP. There are plenty of options of where to stay. The Maldives are relatively expensive but offer great value for money. There are no hotels outside the capitol city of Male. Only resorts. Most of which occupy there own island. If you like the idea of having a large stretch of personal beach heaven. Then the Maldives are for you.

Most people will fly into Malé International Airport. With direct flights from various places. It’s quite easy to get in. 30 day visas are given to everyone long as they can prove sufficient funds roughly $25 a day, travel documents all in order, return ticket also helps. My dreams of arriving via boat have been destroyed as there are no regular boats which sail to the Maldives. Mainly because it is too dangerous. Traveling around the various islands

Alcohol, pork and some other items are not allowed into the Maldives. Does this mean you can’t have a drink? Depends where you are really. The resorts seem to operate to slightly different rules. Where alcohol can be served. At a price though. Supply and demand and all that.

The World’s Best Summer Vacation Combines Education With Relaxation

The value of education is unquestionable. But for the youth, it is monotonous to focus on their studies three hundred sixty five days a year. They need some space. They need a break. That is why there is a summer break in school. They give children a time to rest and relax from the daily school tasks. They need a real vacation! Parents can still inculcate education during summer vacation. Only this time, they get to relax and enjoy the air while learning. It just takes a little imagination for parents on how to educate their children while on an exciting and adventurous summer vacation.

Sometimes parents ask questions whether they can fit in educational activities while on vacation with their children. They can even choose a theme of their educational adventure. This will be their basis of choosing what vacation destination they would avail of. If they decide on a survival educational trip, they might as well reserve spots in a camping ground. It just takes a little child psychology to let your children have fun, enjoy, relax and learn unknowingly during their summer break.

Parents can include learning while on vacation. An example of this is to visit museums during your vacation. In between having fun, time can be allocated in museums where parents and children will learn a lot. It will only take minutes or an hour to fully complete a museum tour. After that, you can either go swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving with the kids. There are lots of museums so make sure the destination you will choose will have one or more of it. When availing a tour package, remember to specify to your travel agent to include the museum tour in your itinerary.

When you go on tour by land, try stopping by museums and churches along the way. This will be very exciting and educational. Travel agencies offer group tour packages too. They will book your family to be a part of a big group in museums and tourist spots. You will be destined to meet in one place and travel together. This will enable you to meet new friends as well as learning new things during the educational tour. Try going to several museums to learn more. There is lots of it around.

If ever you will decide to spend your summer vacation in a different way, go to amusement parks, specifically a theme park. It focuses on a particular theme that will educate everybody. It provides a unique form of pleasure and entertainment too. An example of a theme park would be the famous Sea World. The park provides enjoyable rides for everyone, the young and adults alike. You can even view to appreciate their underwater aquarium with lots of fishes with different colors and sizes. It will be a very exciting and rejuvenating experience. Their presentations of aquatic performances will thrill your eyes and hearts out! These are exceptional events that you don’t experience everyday. What an exciting way to spend your summer vacation indeed!

Just like Sea World, Bush Gardens is famous for its safari theme and amazingly with a zoo of animals aside from their museums. Different rides are also available for the public especially children. Safari theme is something different to look forward to. Give it a try and you will find your dream vacation so fulfilling, and can’t wait for the next summer vacation.

For a more unforgettable family bonding, parents can prepare for a guided tour summer vacation for a change. You will have your own tourist guide everywhere you go. Guided tours are available anywhere just find time to search for travel agencies that provide them. If you are looking for a very rewarding vacation with the family, look for guided tours in state parks, animal sanctuaries or various historical landmarks. The United States will be a perfect tourist spot vacation destination for a guided tour. You will find one of the 7 wonders of the world there! Yes, the mesmerizing famous Grand Canyon. You will also find guided tours bound for Yosemite National Park and Adirondacks Region of New York. Better check this out!

Families today are more excited on vacations where they can simply relax and have some fun. With the toxicity of their jobs, household chores and schoolworks, they want to focus on comfort and enjoyment while on vacation. Maybe that is the reason why discounts are provided for by popular vacation destinations like museums and theme parks. They offer low rate admission fees and guided tour coupon over the internet.

With our world moving towards the development of tourism in all countries, there are lots of vacation destinations promoting extensively. So many offers to choose from, discounted rates, group rates, family package deals, tour package cost cut and more summer vacation perks. From educational to fun destinations, your next trip will create memories that are priceless.

Medical Travel and the Cosmetic Surgery Scene in the Philippines

More and more people from all over the world are traveling to other countries not only as tourists who come for sightseeing and shopping but also to get medical, dental, and surgical services from hospitals and other health destinations. Medical travel is a rapidly growing industry with countries like Cuba, Costa Rica, Hungary, India, Israel, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia, South Africa and Thailand actively promoting it. The Philippines is also fast becoming a favored destination for patients seeking quality medical care at very affordable prices.

The high costs of healthcare in industrialized countries, the improved standards in foreign countries and the lower costs of air travel have made medical tourism a popular trend. In the Philippines, both local and foreign patients who otherwise couldn’t afford medical procedures such as plastic surgery benefit from the highly favorable exchange rate. The cost savings are significant. For example, if the average surgeon’s fee for eyelid surgery in the U.S. is $2,500, in the Philippines, a qualified surgeon will charge only $600 to $1,500. For liposuction, surgeon’s fees in the U.S. average $2,000 per area. In the Philippines, it is around $800 for the first area and $500 for succeeding areas. Anesthesiologist’s fees and facility costs are also much lower.

Lower overhead costs and professional fees makes it possible for surgeons to perform these surgeries at a fraction of the cost of the same procedures in the United States, U.K. and other countries, without sacrificing quality of care. The Philippines’ medical services can rival the best in the world and a significant number of foreigners are choosing to undergo their cosmetic plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, face lift, tummy tuck and blepharoplasty at local hospitals and out-patient surgeries.

Patients also usually appreciate the added benefit that they are away from their surroundings during the recuperation period, with no friends and family to see them when looking less than their best after the operation.

Whether patients are having cosmetic surgery abroad or in their home country, choosing the right surgeon is the single most important decision they will make. In the Philippines, there are many qualified and well-trained doctors who have had formal training in plastic and reconstructive surgery, have acquired their postgraduate or fellowship training from well-known institutions in the U.S.A. and have been mentored by leading plastic surgeons. To enhance their expertise, they regularly attend various seminars worldwide, where new techniques in plastic and cosmetic surgery are introduced.

The greater acceptance and growth of cosmetic surgery among the general public has encouraged many Filipino doctors to perform cosmetic plastic surgery. However, not all of them have trained as plastic surgeons. Once doctors get their medical degrees, they may practice any specialty, even if they have not completed advanced training in the field they have chosen. And so, a doctor who performs cosmetic plastic surgery is not necessarily trained as a plastic surgeon. To ensure best results, patients should choose an authentic plastic surgeon with the training and experience that is essential for the success of their surgery. When foreign patients choose to have their elective cosmetic surgeries done by qualified plastic surgeons in Philippines, they get exceptional value for the latest techniques in cosmetic plastic surgery. They combine having a vacation in a beautiful tropical country with affordable, quality elective plastic surgery.

Travel Around Spain to Explore

Spain is a fascinating tourist destination with a range of attractions for the visitors. Despite your idea of the ideal vacation, you can find plenty of ways to spend your leisure time in this country. You can enjoy the exquisite Spanish cuisines and local drinks. The fiestas, events and more can keep you engaged. The night clubs and bars of Spain are far different from other parts of the world due to their exceedingly pleasant ambience. In the list of the places to visit, you must include some of the renowned museums, monuments and recreational areas to be enjoyed with your friends and family. Travel around Spain to explore the entertainment facilities, sights, history, culture, amenities and facilities here.

The leading travel guide Spain would advise you to visit Madrid and Barcelona if you wish to spend your time worthily. Madrid is not just the capital of Spain, but also the largest city here. The list of the Madrid attractions is overwhelming. Some of the places you must visit during your travel around Spain include Retiro Park, Plaza Mayor, Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol, Plaza de Cibeles, Almudena Cathedral, Royal Theater, Royal Botanical Garden, Plaza de la Villa, Templo de Debod, Plaza de Oriente and more. However, the world famous attraction in Madrid is the Prado Museum, one of the greatest museums. The art lovers must not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the exhibits of works by El Greco, Velázquez, Fra Angelico, Raphael, Bosch, Rubens, etc. The prestigious artworks of many Spanish artists, Italian painters and Flemish artists can be found here.

If you travel around Spain, Madrid skyline Spain could be something that would amaze you. The blend of the ancient architectural trends with the contemporary style can be witnessed here. Las Cuatro Torres Business Area is a must visit if you would like to see some majestic skyscrapers. The tallest building in Spain is Caja Madrid Tower. During your travel around the world, if you would like to be at the most luxurious places, the Eurostars Madrid Tower, the renowned five star hotel with restaurants offering marvelous views is a place to visit. Barcelona, the capital of the second largest city in Spain has numerous attractions like Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, Magic Fountain, Port Vell, Torre Agbar, Columbus Monument, Santa Maria del Mar, City History Museum, etc. If you have ever heard about Hercules, you would even know the attributes to the founding of the City of Barcelona.

If it is a romantic escapade that you are searching for during your travel around Spain, it should be Menorca familiar foreign place that you should be your choice. This is a beautiful island where you would come across many English speaking communities. You need not have to deal with the strange foreign accent of the people of Spain even in the villages here. The purpose of your visit might be far different from that of others. If it is a Roman legacy travel to explore the rich culture, Valencia museums, Way of St James, Santiago de Compostela, Cathedral of Santiago, and Classical Theatre of Mérida could be suitable choices.

Get Off Your Couch and Go Explore the World! Here’s How!

I absolutely love to travel. It’s so much fun to go anywhere in the world and find myself having a good time. It’s often a great idea to make sure that you are going on a lot of trips if you really want to get yourself outside the areas the you are familiar with.

Lots of people enjoy traveling. It’s one of the biggest things that we humans do. We all like to go to new and different places in order to peak our own interests and engage our own curiosities. Plus, traveling really enables you to become smarter and learn a lot more about the world in general.

I’ve been an expert traveler so long now. And I have really distilled the essence of getting the most out of your explorations into three key steps:

Know where you want to go. This lets you choose somewhere special and go with it. It’s important to have an idea of what kind of environment you want to put yourself in.
Decide what you want to do when you are there. Make up a nice list of good activities you could enjoy doing while you are at your destination.
Determine the speed at which you are going to move. Are you going to be a super fast traveler, taking in all the sights? Or are you going to take your time, and pace yourself?

Like I said, these are key.

I first started traveling a long time ago, and it’s been a really fun ride. I’ve learned so many important life lessons while being in interesting and exotic locations.

And as more and more people pick up their bags and make their way around the world, it opens up and opportunity for you to really meet and great all kinds of different people. How cool is that?

Finally, remember that traveling is all about trying new things. Why not make sure you do things you would not otherwise have done if you were not on the trip? Go ahead… let go and enjoy yourself!

Tourism Around The World

Everyone needs a vacation now and then. Sometimes budget constraints can dictate where you are able to go for your vacation. If you have several areas that interest you then you should go to a travel agency or search online to see if it can give you some ideas as to where you can go within your budget. Agencies will know a lot about the tourism in an area as well so that you can have an idea of what each area may have to offer.

Most places have an office for tourism where you as a visitor can go and find out about special things to see and places to go. Once you choose a place for your vacation and head there, you can visit these offices on your own.

Wherever you go that you are not from, you may be considered a tourist. No matter how small the town or insignificant the area, you might have an interest in knowing how the area was founded and what they are known for. Looking into the tourism of an area will not only guide you to fun and interesting places, but it may also teach you something you didn’t know before.

If you are traveling with your family then it is especially important to make your vacation a learning one as well as a fun one. If you stop at a tourist office, make sure to look for museum brochures, tours of famous places, and of course information on places that will keep your kids busy.

If you are from an area that gets a lot of tourism then perhaps you dread the time of year when they all invade your space. If you own a business then you likely do not think this way. Owning a business in a high tourist area might be difficult because your main source of income will likely come in the busiest tourist time. During the off-season you might make very little. It can be difficult to live this way especially with the fluctuation of the economy.

Those who are tourists in an area might not think about the significance of what their money is doing for the people of an area. It is important to support our country’s local sellers. If you are in another country, it is also nice for visitors to do the same for them.

Wherever you choose to go on your vacation, make sure to look into the various tourism options. You will likely find favorite activities, but by visiting shops and buying trinkets along the way, you are supporting people who work very hard to earn a living.

Disney Vacation Rental Homes Arounf The World

When Walt Disney envisioned the Happiest Place on Earth, he imagined a place where everyone regardless of age could feel like a child again. Anyone who’s ever been to Disney World or Disney Land will probably tell you that he succeeded. A family vacation to Disney World is hard to match anywhere else, but the costs can add up and lead to a very pricey vacation especially when it comes to hotels. If you travel often, you may consider investigating Disney vacation rental homes or timeshares as a way of cutting the costs of individual vacations.

The Disney Vacation Club is one possible solution to the costs of hotels while you travel. The unique benefit to this club is that there are timeshares and vacation rentals throughout the world, not just at Disney theme parks. Members have the option of where and when to go at any one of the Disney resorts and other locations worldwide.

This is similar to a timeshare in that you are making a purchase, but instead of buying into one location your membership fee pays for all of the properties that you have access to. For the price, however, you would want to make sure you are going to use it a lot. There is a one-time fee of about $17,000 plus closing costs and annual dues, but if you and your family take two or more trips per year it pays for itself in just a few years.

Vacation Home Rentals Around Disney Resorts

If you are not interested in making a long term commitment, there are many other options for vacation home rentals around Disney resorts. Anytime there is a major tourist attraction nearby there will always be management companies and individual entrepreneurs that purchase homes to rent to travelers.

If you don’t mind staying off of the Disney World resort, Orlando has a host of great deals to choose from. A four bedroom, three bathroom condo in Orlando with room to sleep ten people rents for $198 per night. No hotel on or near the resort can beat that price, and certainly not one that has room for ten people. That’s $19 per night per person, and just $133 per person for a full week!

In other Disney locations you will find that the vacation home rentals are substantially more expensive, partially to do with the property value and tourism in these locations. DisneyLand in Anaheim, California has a few rentals nearby, but expect to pay closer to $500 per week for a 3 or 4 bedroom that sleeps eight people.

Euro Disney in Paris, France is another destination where the rental homes might not be the economical way to go. A one bedroom, one bathroom that sleeps up to four people (presumably there is a sleeper-sofa) rents for about $1500 per week. This is not surprising for most, as you would expect a rental in Paris, France to be more expensive than one in Orlando, Florida.

Traveling as a Group

There are a few ways to cut costs when traveling to Disney locations, especially if you don’t mind traveling as a group. Try getting several people to go, like another family or an extended part of your family. The more people that you get to travel with you, the smaller portion of the rental fees each party will have to pay. For example, in Paris you can rent a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom apartment with room for 12 people for about $5500 per week.

This seems like a small fortune until you break it down. It’s a total of $785 per night, which comes to about $65 per person per night. When you compare this to all of the other costs of a Disney vacation, you may be glad you chose to rent instead of staying at a costly hotel.

Learning to Travel Green

Every year, more and more people travel around the world. Why wouldn’t you? The world is a great place and there are many great things to see in it. However, lots of travel tends to be environmentally destructive. Tourists produce a lot of waste while they are traveling. Few tourists recycle on the road, hotels are very energy inefficient, and airplanes spew carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. All and all, that’s pretty harmful to the environment. There are plenty of ways to make travel environmentally friendly, it is just that when people go on holiday, they tend to leave their brain and motivation at the door.

With the environment and climate change so important right now, it’s more important than ever before that we make our travels more environmentally safe. During the last few years, a movement has grown up in travel. Sometimes called eco-tourism, green travel, or sustainable travel, the trend embodies one thing: make travel green.

Eco-tourism deals with reducing travels impact- both on the environment and on the local people. The goal is to promote environmental and social awareness and, usually, eco-tours go to destinations where the flora and fauna are abundant to educate people about the environment and how to save it.

Eco-tourism promotes environmental awareness among its participants. Tour companies use local products, guides, and organizations that use sustainable and low environmental impact methods. Usually programs focus on environmental education as well as conservation efforts. However, the majority of eco-tours, are simply greener version of normal tours meant to ease people’s minds.

Moreover, this new trend help promote local conservation and trains the local population on how protecting the environment is not only for the earth but also for them and their community. A lot of companies run efforts to teach the local population to protect the environment because if there is no environment, the tourists won’t come and everybody then loses.

Travel is a great experience. You get to relax from your daily grind, you get to learn a new culture, you get to meet other people, and you get to see new things. However, with environmental issues the biggest challenge we face, it’s important to make sure we only leave footprints wherever we go. Green travel is gaining steam and momentum. The next time you go away, make sure you travel green.

Beach Life Around the World – Best Beaches to Spend Your Holidays

Most of the people around the world are interested to spend their winter in summer areas. When it comes to spending summer in winter areas, so many people are interested to spend their holiday in beaches. Most of the beaches around the world are having fine and sunny climate and people are treating this one as tropical paradise.Some of the people are having a daily hectic schedule, and they need some relaxation for their minds. For this type of people, beaches are always saying welcome to different beaches around the world; you need to select the best one for your choice. There are so many beaches are situated at the world, here we will discuss best one them. When it comes to beach vacation, most of the people are interested to spend their vacation in Maldives. This country has enormous beaches and this one treated as heaven on the earth. You never another beach like Maldives. When it comes to the visitors, most of the people that too newly married couples are interested to spend, their lovely honey moon in these beaches. This Maldives country is having more those one thousand beaches and beautiful accommodations, beach hotels, villas and vacation rentals and many more. The nature beauty of this island is stunning for nature lovers.

The next one in our list is a south pacific is also offering some dazzlingly incredible beaches for you to joy. Fiji and Thomas cook is lands are having wonderful beaches, and they are all absolutely stunning beauty of nature. The next one is Thailand, the coast line in this country has enormous beaches in Indochina and every day so many visitors are visiting these islands to spend their vacations.The reason behind the growth of the tourists is the accommodations, here is so cheap. If you are spending little amount of money, you are able to get services like ultimate guests. The last one for us is the beaches in Australia, there are so many islands in Australia are offering some wonderful facilities and one of the tourist attraction spots is Great Barrier Reef.

Even though the list is too small, still there are so many beaches are there. The beach life around the world is superb, and it will remain wonder and exciting moments in your life. Finally, one thing says is these beaches are the biggest gift to the human beings. However, there are some of the people are treating these beaches as dustbins. This is not true, there are some well established and experienced organizations are creating awareness in the people towards protecting the beaches.